Healthy tofu bites

Tofu. Probably one of the most discussed vegan foods out there. I feel like it is one of those foods that everyone thinks is the most disgusting thing until they learn how to use it in different types of recipes. I will admit that I too hated it in the beginning but I learned to …

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Date sweetened granola

Let me introduce you to a new favorite of mine: date sweetened granola. I have been totally obsessed with this granola for the last week and I have been eating it (at least) once a day. For a long time have I been trying to find the perfect granola and last weekend I finally nailed …

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Curry apple fried rice

I know what you are thinking “fried rice with apple?” but the combination of apple and curry is actually really good. This recipe only require simple ingredients that you probably have already. The creamy rice combined with the chevy nuts creates a delicious texture while the combination of the spicy curry and the sweet apples …

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