How to make Middle Eastern Flat Breads

We’d spent the morning making spicy, flavourful Merguez sausages by hand, an undertaking that was as satisfying as it was rewarding and one we decided that we should do far more often.

As they lay on the bench all trussed in neat little bunches (not as hard as it seems thanks to a few U-Tube videos) we decided that our handiwork was too good not to share and so invited round a few friends for an impromptu lunch.

This meant some good bread was needed and these little flat breads proved just the thing. With their shiny golden crust, soft white crumb and just a smattering of cumin they hinted at the exotic spices of the sausages but in no way overwhelmed or overpowered, leaving the tasty little meaty morsels to star.

As the bread finished off in the oven, we threw a little fresh salad, some Greek yoghurt and our sausages onto a platter then headed out to sit under the trees.

Cue a few cold bevvies, some relaxed tunes and our late lunch in the sunshine was what all meals should be made of.



840g white flour

25g salt

30g cumin, ground

15g yeast

30g honey

525g warm milk

Egg to glaze

Mix flour, salt, yeast and cumin then add honey and enough milk to form a soft dough.

Knock back then divide into 12 portions, roll each portion out then flatten to about 2cm thick. Brush with egg.

Second Rise: 20 minutes

Bake: 220 Celcius for 15-20 minutes

Yield: 12 pieces

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