How to make Caramel Pecan Slice

When I got married, we wanted a simple, country-style wedding just like our grandparents would have had. No fancy DJ, no $10,000 dress, just beautiful flowers, great food, lovely family and of course lots of cake (but keeping with the theme, my mum and I made it together).

So when giving away favours, we didn’t want a token gesture that would be thrown out soon after, or extravagant gifts that would run into thousands of dollars.

Instead, we decided on offering what we do best – baked treats made with love from recipes that have been in the family for ever. So in little white boxes tied with sage green ribbon we placed one square of chocolate brownie and one of caramel pecan slice – both family favourites that were very well received.

With its biscuity yet moist base, delicious thick, chewy caramel topping and scattering of white chocolate, the pecan slice is a real winner. It also has great cut-and-keep abilities which makes them ideal for picnics, school lunches and even weddings.


200g plain flour

80g brown sugar

180g unsalted butter

100g pecan meal


180g brown sugar

125g unsalted butter

60ml golden syrup

30ml cream

250g pecans, roughly chopped

White chocolate to decorate

1, Heat oven to 180 degrees and prepare a 21cm x 30cm tin.

2, Blitz all base ingredients together until just combined and crumbly.

4, Meanwhile make the topping by melting butter on medium heat then add the sugar, syrup and cream, mix, then bring to the boil before reducing and stirring for a further few minutes until cooled just slightly.

5, Stir in the pecans then keep warm until ready to use.

6, Once the base has been cooked, let sit for five minutes then pour the filling over the top evenly.

7, Bake for 15 minutes, cool completely then decorate with white chocolate if needed.

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