Everything You Need To Know About Textbooks In College

Everytime I look at most of my textbooks left over from college, I think one of two things: Man, that is going to make a future bookshelf in my mansion look pretty flippin sweet! And the other is, each of those books could have bought enough beer to last an entire weekend back in college. If you have ever been in college or watched Animal House, you know how important that is.

So, I come to you with this piece of advice:

Read my blog and learn how to MAKE MONEY with your textbooks.

Yeah, I said it. How would you like to use your textbooks for a semester, and sell them for a profit?

Have you ever heard a story of someone who put something ridiculous on ebay and someone paid them a stupid amount of money for it? This happens with college textbooks all the time!

I will not waste anymore of your time, I will simply give you the resources to put money in your pocket.

Step 1:

Wait until after the first day to buy books, unless your professor specifically states you must have your books on the first day.  Why?  Well, on more than one occasion the teacher told me that we would not be using half of the books that are “needed” for the class.  If you’re really a go-getter, and you have to have all the books on day one, than stop reading this and gooooo-get me a cup of coffee. Sheesh. If you actually do feel that way, go watch The Office.  Everyone will think of you as the “Dwight” of your future work place.  I am just kidding, but not really.

Step 2:

CHECK ONLINE!  Your bookstore most likely price gouges beyond belief because they know lazy students will just simply buy from them out of simplicity.  And if you Google Map your campus, I bet you will find independent bookstores that just happen to carry the books your university requires, at a few pennies less than your university bookstore.  Are you catching on to the capitalism yet?  Enough said. Buy online!

Step 3:

Record what you paid for the book in pen on the inside cover of each book you purchased.  If you have time, bring your books to the university bookstore and see what their buyback prices are.  Now here is where common sense comes into play.  If the price they are willing to buyback the book is far less than what you paid (which is probably the case, especially if you bought them there) than you’re not going to make a profit selling it to them.  Honestly, I wouldn’t even waste time with your local bookstores.  List them all online and watch the cash roll in.


Buy your books at the best possible price.  Record that price.  List your book for sale online after the semester is over.  Selling them back to the bookstore is a last resort.

Case Study:

My college roommate made out like a bandit doing this.  After 4 years of college, he made over $300 bucks. That may not sound like a lot, but compare that to the people that lose over 2-3k in books they never sell back.

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