Back Where It All Began

Recently I had to travel to Boston for a business conference and I had the opportunity to spend some time with an old college friend of mine.  I told him about a new website I had put together with the help of programmers, writers, marketers and educators from all over the world called Of course the next question was, why? Well there are a lot of reasons but the main ones are simple, I love to learn and I believe that education is the best way for people to succeed in life. Whether someone wants to make more money or just have a greater sense of self fulfillment, education is the way for people to achieve their goals. For me I would be a full time college student if only I could find someone willing to pay me to learn.

There was a time in my high school life when I was not sure I wanted to go to college. I was focused on spending time with my friends, and playing on our school basketball team, soccer team and swim team. Yes I was a jock not very focused on more school. I was the guy who played basketball with my friends until 2 AM the night before finals. So what changed? I guess I woke up, well I should say I was woken up. During the summers I would work this hourly job or that hourly job but the job that really woke me up started off sounding exciting. I love pizza; don’t we all? So I figured working for Domino’s sounded like a great gig. Coming in without even I high school degree I was the low guy on the totem pole and I was started on the things that no one really wanted to do. Prep the kitchen by cleaning, or refilling the cheese bins with 50 pound bags of cheese, or folding pizza boxes. Not too hard you say? Well that was just to prep for the pre lunch rush. Once delivery orders started coming in for the day I would ride along with the delivery guy and get dropped off in a random neighborhood with a huge bag full of fliers. I was told to work my way through the neighborhood and distribute these door tags. This was before cell phones so I had to walk the area and hope someone else nearby ordered a pizza so the delivery guy came back to pick me up, otherwise I had to walk back to the Pizza place. Well I lived in Phoenix and during the summer it does get up to 120 degrees. After a couple weeks of this no one needed to convince me that finishing high school was probably a good idea and that college was a good way to avoid working outside, or at least could give me the option to work in a climate controlled environment.

When it came to what job was right for me, I had no idea, I just knew that working hourly handing out fliers was not a career path.

I spoke to as many people as I could in different industries and listened to their reasons for choosing one career vs another and realized; I have no clue what I want to do except I know I like too many things to just have one “job” doing the same thing every day.  You can make the case that almost every career path has some of that, but I settled on ones that are structured around research and learning new industries and trends.  Both of these fields force you to learn about new industries and trends all the time.

A friend of mine knew some people in advertising so I deciding to talk to his friends and anyone who put an ad in the paper for marketing interns, entry level positions and basically looked for people who needed their own version of modern day slave labor.  After tons of research and lots of interviews I landed my first job.

Years later after working in the field of advertising and moving more towards marketing and strategy in general I decided I wanted to improve my skills in business to give me the tools I needed to feel confident in my next endeavor (and next and next). The one consistent thing in my career has been starting things whether it was a new company or a new venture for an existing company. Feeling comfortable that my experiences and background had built up strong marketing and strategy skills I was looking for the next new thing, and of course any opportunity to go back to school. Business school was my next stop to get my MBA. I went back to school thinking I would learn more about what I already had been doing. Instead, in my first semester I was exposed to statistics and finance as part of the core curriculum, and loved it. Well as you already know I love to learn new things and finance and applied statistics were definitely new to me. So what was my next career move? I worked for a few companies after completing my masters in business and then came to the realization that it was time for me to go back to what makes me happy and what has made me successful. What makes me happy is learning new things all the time and helping others learn, grow and find their own success and what has made me successful is doing what I enjoy. So here it is, I have brought together a group of ever growing, likeminded people and I present to you our collaborative effort to help those looking for an education, a career they love, or just some tools that will provide them with the support they need to get a better job and move up in life. Our first endeavor, still under construction and in Beta is for which the mission is to become “as a leading destination site for individuals across the US looking for their perfect college, CMS knows what colleges fit individuals’ needs and profiles, and thus provides a very highly refined matching service.” For our second project.. well you are reading it now at Over the coming months we will do our best to provide insights into education, colleges, careers and related helpful information on college funding options, great career tools and anything else that will help you get a better education, better job or just a better life.

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