Are you sick of searching for the “right” college?

I am willing to bet that as you read this, a cell phone is within ten yards of where you are. My cell phone is five feet to my left on the island in my kitchen.

My point is, the Internet is not the only option to find information on college programs that are available to you.  If you are sick of fruitless searches on the Internet, let me show you another option that will not take much of your time and costs as much as searching the Internet (aka FREE).

There are dozens of education call centers that have “Education Advisors” waiting to speak to students who are looking for information on colleges.

How does it work?

  1. Call into a call center OR have someone from the call center call you (College Phone Advisor etc).
  2. Talk to the “Education Advisor” about your interests and goals.
  3. Request information from colleges that interest you.

It really is that simple.  But the question is, can these “Education Advisors” help me? And the answer is, yes they can.

This industry has been around for a long time (the education industry).  These call centers have a massive amount of resources at their disposal.  They are connected directly to the largest schools around the nation.  Not only that, but they are partnered with third party resource websites and can relay these resources to you over the phone.

In this situation, the education advisor would most likely give Motorcycle Mechanics Institution as a great education institute that may suite the indivdiuals needs.  By simply providing your zip code to the education advisor, they can locate all the schools relating to motorcycle engines that are available to you.

The best thing about this is, you will be speaking to someone who can answer questions that you may have about college programs.  Do you like interior design but you are not sure where to take courses? Or maybe you are interested in aviation, but all you know is where the nearest airport is?

Now you are probably wondering, if this is such a great option for finding a college, why don’t they charge for it?

Well, that is a good question, and there is a valid answer.  As a prospective student interested in furthering his or her education, it is a statistical fact that on the average an advanced degree increases your salary substantially.  It is also true that tuition is extremely expensive and financing for tuition is relatively easy to get.  What I am trying to say is, colleges “profit” from you attending their institution.

So if you are interested in going to college to work on Motorcycle Engines, and I refer you to Motorcycle Mechanics Institution, there is a finders fee for that!  And why shouldn’t there be?

So my point is, you, as a prospective student are a valuable asset not only to colleges, but to society.  Furthering oneself with an education is the sheerest way to improve your life and everything around you.

Get out there and be somebody.

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