All The Small Things

DD attends a small country school which is lovely. It has a really nice atmosphere and the standard of education is excellent, however it comes at a price. After school clubs that appeal to DD and that have enough room on them are hard to come by. This resulted in DD becoming quite distressed a few weeks ago when she was turned down for Wednesday Art Club. Places were restricted and priority was given to those children who had not attended before. Fair enough but it wasn’t done in a very nice way which meant that we had a very unhappy and disappointed child.

I accept that it’s normal for this type of thing to happen and that DD needs to get used to real life situations when she won’t always have it her own way. However, this time I felt very sorry for her because she had her heart set on this one club and at the time this meant that she had no activities outside of school that were independent of us oldies.

Fast forward four weeks. DD has gone back to her swimming lessons (she had a break while we were looking for new ones), she has joined beaver scouts and thanks to mummy she attends two after school clubs each week.

I’m no miracle worker and no bribery took place with the school. In fact, DD’s after school clubs are one night with DH when they do ‘science’ and one night with me when we do random activities.

Week 1 we made collages

Week 2 we made lollies (they look a little rude according to DH, but I’m way too innocent to get his point)

Week 3 DD went for a ride on my horse.

Week 4 (this week) we made egg box monsters. This one is called Mummy Monster.

So there we have it, one very happy seven year old. Unfortunately I lack the imaginative stamina that this is going to take to run long term.

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